General Expectations

Highlighting CWRA’s vision and values, and what they expect from its participants.

CWRA welcomes people that respect the rules, other racers, members, fans and tracks. CWRA does not welcome cheaters. This is not a series that humors the idea that rule books are there to be exploited, but we are very outgoing for members that notify us of their technicalities in search for a fair and reasonable accommodation that doesn’t put out existing participants at a disadvantage. CWRA remembers when it was just plain fun to go racing, regardless if your a star, a legend, or just a guys that had a dream to race a super late model . We only ask for participants to have show some pride in themselves, be honest, and to have some true respect for your fellow participants.

General Penalties for Cheating

CWRA does not follow ANY of UMA’s fines and penalties. We approach cheat prevention much more transparently. Cheaters are given plenty of chances to clean their act up, and are given the absolute benefit of the doubt by default. Cheaters will be Promoted as being cheaters to the tracks and series in order to bring awareness to the conflict, and will be reported to the national cheaters database for cheating on CWRA.