CWRA’s Race Platform

CWRA’s Double Feature, and adaptable lineup model’s has proven to be flexible enough for the tracks to incorporate, and enjoyable enough to the drivers that the series is consistently growing in interest.  Over the last few years it’s very noticeable that the series has developed a very friendly vibe between its participants, bringing more and more people to join in and celebrate their love for the sport.

Keep in mind, that the platform being described below will only be used if the series continues to grow.  This platform allows us to continue with our existing double feature platform and payout model regardless how many cars show up.


CWRA does not follow any single standard for Qualifying in order to adapt to the various technologies between tracks. If the track uses transponders, CWRA will most likely run group qualifying session. CWRA likes to group qualify, but has done Solo Qualifying, and even had the fans pull numbers to set the field for the first round. No points are awarded for qualifying, but some of CWRA;s great sponsors put up cash intensives for the fast qualifiers.

Round 1!

Round 2!

This allows all the participants to put on a show all the fans, and have a potential opportunity to bring home the big trophy.

There may have been enough accidents in the first round that all the car’s can be moved back into one Feature.

One of CWRA’s original goals was to get Cars that were sitting in the shop, back out on the track. Late Model car counts from local tracks to traveling series’s have been decreasing over the past 10 years, so CWRA designed a new approach that would put the fun back in racing.  In the end CWRA can at least say that they tried ideas that nobody else would.